>Leg Training for Sexy Gams

>Tina Turner’s got ‘em, MMA hottie Gina Carano’s got ‘em, starlet Jennifer Aniston’s got ‘em and oh boy, I will bet anything that male or female, you want what they’ve got – sexy, sleek and sultry legs!

Whether you are looking to improve your athleticism or just want to have show-stopping legs, the key to achieving this might just surprise you. I see it at every gym, ladies doing countless repetitions on the leg extension/leg curl machines and the adductor/abductor machines thinking this is the best way to tone-up and lean out their legs. I am almost sad to be the one to inform you, as I know how you have grown so attached to the safety net of those machines, but this method of training most certainly will never get you to your goal of having tight and sexy legs.

Let’s first tackle the issue of toning-up your legs. I hate to break it to you, but that toned look you are seeking is the result of developing some muscle mass combined with a healthy level of body fat. You either have the muscles or you don’t, there is really no such a thing as toning. To get nice legs this means building the foundation with proper training that incorporates multi-joint movements and good nutrition. Tirelessly pumping out high repetitions on isolation machines will do nothing but create muscle imbalances and injuries over the long term. By training with movements like squats, deadlifts and lunges, you will not only be building an overall lean and lithe look to your legs, but you will also be creating a much more functional version of yourself.

These types of exercises are also major time-savers as you will be getting much faster results in less time by working the whole lower body area in just a few exercises. Instead of trying to aimlessly burn site-specific fat while also trying to build muscle, why not follow a sound program that will actually get you the results you seek. Build your foundation first and then you can start to incorporate isolation exercises, if you seek a particular look or if you already have some kind of muscle imbalance.

The next most common mistake that you may currently be doing actually ties into the one above. If you are looking to lean out those legs and have been doing hours of boring cardio every day, well the good news is – that’s not how you will get to your goal. If you begin to train your legs with multi-joint movements, you are already on your way to burning up more fat and calories, which means less cardio required (with a good nutrition plan in place of course!) These movements use a ton of calories during your workouts, but the other great thing is that because they are of a higher intensity, you will continue to burn calories and fat even after your done.

Doing long cardio sessions to burn extra calories can actually make your legs look worse by making them soft and creating water retention in the lower body too. Slowly start to cut back on your long cardio sessions and work in some stair sprints, box jumps or other plyometric work to keep your legs tight while burning an insane amount of body butter. I like to use straight caffeine before my workouts to really give me that extra fat-burning effect and to increase the intensity of my leg training too. If you want sweeping quads or a nice hamstring-glute tie in, the key is in the compound movements that build the whole lower body, not in exhausting and boring extensions and curls.

Here is a sample of a great leg training workout to get your wheels in motion:

As a circuit, perform each exercise for the allotted number of repetitions and do 3-4 sets of this circuit with one minute rest between each round.

•Regular Deadlifts – 8-10 reps
•Sumo Squats – 8-10 reps
•Lunges Forward and Reverse – 10-12 reps each leg
•Stiff-legged Deadlifts – 10-12 reps (feet close together)
•Hack Squat – 10-12 reps
Leg Training for Sexy Gams

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