>Leg Day

>Today was leg day and while I was kept awake by a barking dog all night which left me tired and cranky when I woke up, I managed to get myself out of it and had a pretty decent leg workout. I am definitely not trying to put on any lower body mass, so I keep my rest intervals short and my reps high while super-setting exercises. I am also healing some injuries and have to be careful not to tax my CNS too much (thank goodness for de-loading lol) so leg day cannot be circuit format just yet (but I CAN handle the SS format). I just finished my last 4 week training cycle where I emphasized posterior chain for lower body so am anew this week.

Dynamic Warmup: high bar step overs, 360 degree lunges, bob and weaves

3 sets: Bulgarian split squats/ stiff-one-leg DL
Hack-Squats/ stability Ball leg curls
Plie Squat/ cable pull-throughs

Got some exciting news today too so all in all, it has been a great day 🙂

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