Late but with Love ;D

It has been far too long for me to not have posted this but I kept waiting for the time to do a proper write up to do her justice but to be honest I have been just too darn busy to even get a breath in :p I am just going to throw it out to you even if it is uber late but it still comes with just as much love and support!!! Courtney Belcher won her last fight on November 10!!! Her birthday was a few days later so really, what a time of celebration ;D This girl inspires the hell out of me and if you are not already following her to have her inspire YOU, what are you waiting for?!?!  Courtney on Facebook :!/courtney.belcher.58 and on twitter:

Courtney Belcher ‘s fight shirt from her EPIC win at Virginia Cage Fighting Championships Roanoke Rampage! I am so honoured to know this warrior 🙂

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