Kiss Your Exercise Excuses Goodbye

I really don’t like bullshit, seriously it is so painful and such a waste of energy and time, both of which are invaluable. What I am going to tell you is not of the former; there are a million and one ways to solve a problem but none of them work if you don’t. I am not saying that from a bad space by any means. We all have our shit we need to put some extra attention into at certain times and at certain times, some things will matter more to you than others. Things relating to your overall health should never take a back seat in a perfect world but this world is not perfect so don’t expect you to be super at everything all of the time. ¬†Just be realistic in your expectations of outcomes and what you can actually manage ie. wanting to climb Mount Everest in two weeks after just starting to workout or wanting to look like an airbrushed or very experienced athlete or model with a crew of ‘stress managers’. Just focus on you and your goal and keep your one goal the main goal for a while if you are just starting out. That is coming from me, and if you know me, you will know that I don’t believe that we can’t ALL do incredible things and shouldn’t let anyone tell us not to. For those who don’t know me, listen to advice as it comes from experience you probably don’t yet have so smarten up and settle down.

So on with the show…(what show I don’t know but I wanted to say it and it’s my blog so I did ūüėČ )

  1. Get the fuck out of your head! Most people don’t think enough yet when it comes to exercise and movement, they think too damn much. You need to have a plan or have someone who has a plan for you otherwise, you will piddle around if you actually make it to the gym. Worse yet is when you do have a plan and spend too much time in your head thinking about how you are feeling or your day instead of just getting the work done and getting out. This doesn’t mean everything is to be done like a cardio sesh but get your shit done and go enjoy life if you’re not a fitness fanatic. That is totally OK and encouraged! Do be in the moment when you are training through so you can learn the gift of knowing your own body and how it moves or should.
  2. Nothing new here when I say, treat your workouts as a treatment appointment for yourself and book it in. The world will go on without you for 30 minutes to an hour, I promise you.
  3. Get it in before work if you know you are too wiped after work or bring a bag and leave it at work for a nooner or bring it with you for after work. Head right to your training spot, whether that is a gym, outdoors or wherever. Do NOT go home first unless you have someone there who you can rely on to get you to workout.
  4. Number 3 was a nice segway into numero quatre as I will recommend you try out many different forms of exercise, training, play and movement. This is not only great for your body but great for your brain. With things like Class Pass, you can do this somewhat affordable. I would still recommend you have a minimum of two days of dedicated training though too.
  5. Move it every damn day. I think there is a bit too much of a lean in the softness side of things these days and while I do absolutely agree that if you are what I call and “executive athlete” or type A lifestyl-er, you do need to chill more, that still means move every damn day not less. What you need to do, regardless of your personality and life is manage and monitor the overall high-intensity volume to prevent burnout. This means that on days that you feel like ass, just go do something light like a yoga class, dance class, canoeing, rock climbing…whaaaaatever. Practice a skill of some sort, go to one of those trampoline places and jump around, take a leisurely walk or bike ride with your kids. Other days you need to put in the work that feels uncomfortable and research proves (because that is such a cool thing to say these days I had to put it in there :p) that these can and should be shorter, focused, intentional and purposeful sessions. I know you might think you are working hard but you better make sure you are with some kind of proof like a heart rate monitor or other work output tool. You also better know what the shit means or have someone tell you. This is also where you need to learn the gift of your own body and that takes years of dedicated practice so be patient.
  6. Make a private contract with someone to help you be accountable (or do this publicly). Know that if you are the person being given the responsibility of holding them accountable, do be sure to follow through with some kind of repercussion. This is not meant to ‘harm’ and should only be used with certain people. Along with that last piece, while it may be true that no one can make you feel inferior without your consent, don’t waste your life with anyone who you constantly have to be on guard with because you have to overuse that statement. Seriously, life is too short to waste on a-holes. #goodvibesonly
  7. Grow up! I really just like saying that in a certain tone I wish you could hear but, you are most likely an adult reading this. I don’t mean this from a bad place either but some people sometimes need to stop being coddled, especially by others who just want you to not make them¬†uncomfortable. It really isn’t ok to eat a lot of shitty food every day and to never really workout and you can’t blame your genes (it is a mere 20 or so % of your destiny) but you can somewhat control aspects of gene expression, within reason as you don’t live in a bubble in a lab. ¬†It is ok to have treats sometimes sure, but the quality and quantity do matter ( which is probably the only thing that anyone can agree on as a majority but even those two things vary. Annoying kinda but that is the truth). It doesn’t mean you are a bad person it often just means that you have been getting away with it from your environment and that maybe you just don’t know some things yet :). Again, we all have this issue with something in our lives so don’t hate on yourself but please, because I do care, do something to change your environment and life. Love yourself as much as those like me do ūüėČ Basically, I just want you to take some responsibility for your health if you are someone who hasn’t or didn’t think you could make changes.

There are an unbelievable number of ways to fit in fitness and to make healthier choices these days, that is not the problem. Often it is about realistic expectations and outcomes, not comparing to anyone else and just doing your best how you can when and where YOU are at. That’s so cool and own it! What is, is the actual behaviours and habits so please take this post as a means of a driver in that whatever you choose to do to start, just fucking start it and stop thinking about it. Eat a carrot every day and run around in circles like a maniac if that is what you know right now and can manage. Just please don’t let some ‘story’ hold you back from experiencing the freaking awesomeness of fitness and nourishing food! Kiss your excuses goodbye and tell anyone who gets in your way to kiss your ass if you need to for now¬†until they figure it all out too¬†xox


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