Keeping it Hot with Sexual Fitness

Learn how to improve your sexual muscles and keep it hot all year round!

Keeping it hot with sexual fitnessThis may have been one of the hottest summers yet but the cooler weather will be coming. No time like the present to get on getting-it-on and keeping your fire stoked with some fitness tips to help keep it hot all year round.

Cardiovascular health, muscular endurance and flexibility are all of extreme importance when it comes your sexual fitness, but it really goes beyond that and I am here to give you some insight as to why sexual fitness is important.

Sex is right up there in the list of things to do to help promote overall health, so be sure that it is a part of your life.

Don’t believe me? Well did you know that sex has been proven to reduce pain? In fact, a study done at Rutgers University showed that when having sex to orgasm endorphins were released which soothe your nerves and decrease menstrual pains, headaches and joint pain. So the “I-have-a-headache” excuse no longer applies – sorry! These same endorphins have also been shown to boost immunity due to a release of higher amounts of a disease-fighting antibody Immunoglobin A.

Regular monogamous sex has also been shown to increase moods, self-esteem and most importantly, keeps relationships strong and increases intimacy. DHEA, a hormone related to youth vitality, mood, immunity and stress, has also been shown to be much higher in those who had regular sex to orgasm than those who did not.

Convinced of the importance of a healthy sex life yet?

Now that you know some of the benefits, I will tell you some ways to help you with your sexual fitness.

Aerobic exercise and cardiovascular health is definitely a must when it comes to a good sex life and good sexual response. Having a strong cardio base is not only good for helping you keeping the pace, so to speak, but in order to really get pleasure and reach orgasm, one must have a good blood supply to the “sexual extremities.”Even as little as 30 minutes of intense work a few times per week will make a major impact on your level of arousal and response.

You do not have to be a Cirque-du-Soleil performer, but one must have a certain level of flexibility to keep things exciting and varied and even the tried-and-true missionary can take some level of flexibility for both partners. Improving your flexibility with some Yoga once or twice per week will not only help keep you bendy for fun-time, but the relaxing and stress relief that goes hand-in-hand with Yoga will help keep your desire and response by helping you stay focused on the task at hand and decrease the negative high stress hormones that can kill your sex drive and response.

Performing overall strength training is most certainly a major factor in a healthy sex life due to the increase in sex-related hormones, higher self-confidence, better body composition and health status, strength for those creative moments during your romp and so on, but there is one particular type of strength training that is often neglected that can really help…kegels!

By performing a few sets of 10-second holds throughout the day of simply squeezing and holding as if you were trying to stop the flow of urine, has been shown to help a women’s ability to reach orgasm and increase sexual function. Performing these during sex too can be a great way to help stimulate and bring your partner to climax as well.

Not only does fitness benefit your sex life but having a healthy sex life can actually help you reach your fat loss and fitness goals in addition to your training regime and a healthy diet as a serious sex session can burn around 200 kcals! Whether you are single or taken, use these basic tips to help improve your sex life and your overall health but always be smart and most of all safe!

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