>Just because…

>I tend to write a lot (or train ridiculously too hard) as a way to deal with things. Both are ways that I release and today I wrote something for my sister. Our relationship is kinda complicated but we are totally kindred spirits and we recently lost our strength and all that we knew, or thought we knew, when my dad passed away. This is for you Feebz:

Because sometimes losing it all forces you to live
Because tomorrow may not come and regret can set in
Because it’s not things that matter, it’s the moments you share
Because you control your own destiny, and life’s one big dare
Because chance may be that fears try to hold you back
Because at the end of the day, you beat those fears with a vicious attack
Because life’s lessons come when you’re down and out
Because it teaches you how to help others with their own doubt
Because you dream and you fight to overcome all that’s past
Because it’s held you long enough with the shadow it cast
Because good comes with bad and bad comes with good
Because integrity and honor makes you do as you should
Because now is the time to fulfill your desires
Because in the end it’s just you who manifests what transpires
Because people will come and people will leave
Because life is too short to just sit there and grieve
Because you want it so go get it, there’s no better time than now
Because you just never know if time will allow.


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