>Just another way to learn and I LOVE to learn…

>As one of my instructors recently said to me, “there is critiquing, then there is criticism”. That stuck with me Bernie, thank you. I use those words to start this post as I am sure that I may come off as someone who does not welcome or accept feedback sometimes. Believe me, I welcome it with open arms, after all, how can I ever improve if I am not given feedback from an outsiders viewpoint? I am always looking to improve myself and my skills and my level of knowledge. I guess this is part of why I love tests and quizzes so much, it gives me feedback on whether or not I am making progress. If you have ways to help me improve my skills, my stage presence, my level of confidence (or on how to actually get some confidence ;p)…anything, please let me know.I can come off as a hard ass until you really know me and when you do truly know me, you will find that my heart and soul comes from a place of love. I listen a lot more than it may seem sometimes and will always do my best to work with your critiqueing. Remember though, there is a big difference between this and criticising and I am my own worst critic, so please use the compliment sandwich when you deal with me 😉

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