Just a Jump Rope Workout

Let’s face it, learning new skills and behaviors can be tough.

Just a jump rope workoutThe majority of people will find any excuse to avoid taking the plunge into a life of fitness. Somehow the rationale of being in a 24-hour state of unhealthy discomfort is a better way to live than to be in a state of health and vibrancy.

Let’s be real here! Are you just existing by staying in your comfort level of disease-promoting discomfort from lack of activity or are you living up to your potential, grateful for the gifts and faculties you have?

Truly think about that and think about those who would do anything to simply be able to walk every day.

Put those functioning limbs to work and forget about coming up with every excuse in the book to avoid even 90 minutes per week of exertional exercise. If you think you don’t have time, analyze your day and how you spend each hour. There are 168 hours in a week and I am most certain that anyone can squeeze in even 90-150 minutes of intense work per week.

If the price of a gym membership is holding you back, you don’t need one and I am going to tell you why with nothing but a ten-dollar jump rope and your own body, you can make drastic, fantastic changes to your health, body composition and overall feelings toward life!

It is a fact that exercise promotes both physical and mental health and well-being, but did you know that it also has a major effect on your sex life, your productivity at work and your ability to deal with stress?

Before each workout, be sure to fuel up with some creatine monohydrate, and beta alanine mixed in with some of your favorite tasting whey protein to help speed up your intra-workout muscle and energy system recovery. After you work out, be sure to refuel with another dose of  whey protein, creatine and carbs for a faster recovery.

So now that I have given you some reasons to stop thinking and start doing, and abolished the two biggest excuses (no time, can’t afford a gym), here is the full body conditioning workout to get you jumping for joy.

3-5 minutes: Begin with a basic forward rotation jumps, just barely coming off the ground. Keep your arms close to your sides and focus on rotating the rope with your wrists.

1 minute: With your arms about 3 inches from your side, rotate the rope backwards, training the rotator cuff muscles a little differently to help prevent overuse injuries. Immediately after the minute is up, spread the rope out in a straight line.

30 seconds: Place yourself in a push-up position on your hands and feet facing the rope so it is horizontal to you. Perform a push-up on one side of the rope and when you get back to the starting position, walk one hand over about an inch and above the rope followed by the other with your feet moving with you but staying on the other side and perform a push-up. Continue with these walking push-ups, alternating walking the hands to either side for the allotted time.

1 minute: Begin with the basic forward rotation jumps but after 3 revolutions, jump down to a squat then continue jumping rope, repeating this sequence for the allotted time.

30 seconds: Glute raises – Lying flat on your back and keeping your feet and knees together, bring your legs up until they’re pointing straight up towards the ceiling. This is the start of the exercise. Thrust your hips up off the floor, squeezing your butt at the top. Slowly lower yourself back down. Repeat for the allotted time.

1 minute: High Knees – Basic forward rotation jumps, but now you will bring your knees up as high as you can one at a time, while jumping and rotating the rope.

30 seconds: Perform 2 inchworms (walk hands out, bring feet to meet hands, walk hands out, bring feet to meet hands) then hold a plank position, keeping your back flat, core tight and fully engaged.

1 minute: Butt Kickers – Basic forward rotation jumps, but now you will bring your feet back one at a time to try to kick yourself in the butt, while jumping and rotating the rope.

Cool down with 10 minutes of full body stretching, holding each stretch for at least 20 seconds each and repeat 2 to 3 times for each stretch. Remember to go as quickly as you can through each exercise, but do progress safely each week starting with smaller jumps that have less depth until you progress. Don’t try to do too much too high and too fast (without proper form) too soon or you may find yourself with a whole new excuse to not be exercising!

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