Jump Rope Suggestions and Where to Buy Them

It was a few years back now when I did my jump rope certification when I started working with a local-ish kids program. We learned with and used the Buddy Lee ropes and I was also advised that Jumprope.com was a good resource for checking out others.

I used to just use a UFC weighted jump rope that I had the weights in it. I don’t remember where I got it but it did the job at the time and helped get my shoulders and forearms conditioned faster for sure. Because I was going to be teaching skipping, I figured to buy the ropes that were taught with and recommended. I still do have one of them that I use occasionally but to be honest, I was not very happy with the 3 different ropes I bought. In total they ran me over $100 and two of them broke, while the one I still have always unscrews and has sent the rope flying or just ruins my workouts. Now this may only be my experience and the ropes are pretty fast but for the price, I wouldn’t recommend them first.

I am not a competitive jump rope specialist but most of you are not either I am guessing and are just looking for something that will help you learn, challenge you, get you going faster, that won’t cost a fortune and has sustainability!

You want to have a rope that fits you and this means that your handles should either reach at least to your shoulders when standing on the middle of the rope, or should raise up to ear level. Everyone has different preferences and abilities but that is a good guideline. I personally prefer ball-bearing ropes as you can go faster, as well as ropes that are made of some sort of vinyl/plastic/pvc.

I have not tried all of these but if not, I recommend them either because of the above, or because of the brand:

  1. http://jumprope.com/products.php?Category=1
  2. http://www.roguecanada.ca/rogue-fixed-length-bearing-jump-ropes?287=2854&gclid=CM-Wj7yA9s0CFRCRaQod6EcG2w
  3. http://www.cyclonespeedrope.com/ (I think I may buy the Wonder Woman one to try lol)
  4. http://www.buddyleejumpropes.com/ I am not taking these off my list as there are several people I know who love these and my incident is MINE and may not be yours.

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