>It is time to Emerge!

>Today me and some of the girls of Team Emerge got together with big D himself and it was great. There is no judgement, no criticism, just genuine interest in helping eachother out and being a part of an awesome team. We are all so different yet it feels right, not wrong. Darrin welcomed me over a year ago now (thanks Vanessa)and has been through thick and thin with me even when I didn’t make it back to the stage last year (we met after my first two shows of last year). Seriously, what an incredibly guy!!!His work really does speak for itself. He makes beautiful chanmpions on the outside and most importantly, on the inside and he has been an incredible support system and has NEVER let me doubt myself or that I deserve success (like Justine said today, hell….you’re Melissa Traynor!!! LOL. Frick she is cute :). Darrin is there before, during and most importantly for his girls, after. I am one incredibly lucky girl to be a part of his team and they ALL welcomed me with open arms and am so greatful and indebted to them for that, I am totally the black sheep of the bunch with my bruised shins, tattoos and less than girly behaviours LOL but they don’t make me FEEL that way. It is so important to have a close-knit of people you can go to, talk to and just have them LISTEN and just be there to share and without having any really close friends or any family I feel like that is starting to change now :)Thank you Team Emerge…Thank you Darrin Robinson xoxox

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