>Inside Fitness Article #2 – How to get a “Kick Ass” Body with MMA Training :) Dec 2009/Jan 2010

>I just wanted to say how greatful I am to Terry Frendo and the rest of the Inside Fitness (www.ifmmedia.com)team for even considering my articles. They truly put together such an amazing magazine that puts Canada first (they still give their props to the US too) and I love that! There are a lot of fitness magazines that are Canadian based and barely give ANY due credit to our Canadian athletes and shows and Inside Fitness is really helping make Canada come alive. We have sooooo many gifted entertainers, athletes, businesses and people in general here and it is finally getting some much due respect. I have so much respect for the people involved in the industries I follow and those who contribute to IFM and to be a part of that is truly a gift. I just love to write about any and everything and feel so lucky to be able to share my thoughts and writings with others. I am one lucky girl and am so greatful!

I also wanted to say that the UFE shows (www.ufeshows.com) are by far THE best shows with a real amalgamation of hard working athletes, UFE crew members and some serious entertainment! If you missed the Halloween Mayhem, you HAVE to check it out on youtube at least…u have no idea what you missed! The UFE Nationals and Inside Fitness Model search is tomorrow and is going to be another amazing show and I can’t wait to see all of my friends and fellow competitors again. What an awesome industry this all is 😀

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