>Inside Fitness’ 5th year Anniversary Issue On Sale NOW!

Why am I posting this? Well because I truly do love mag and the people behind are beyond awesome. I still have some of the very first issues and boy is it incredible how far it has come. Make sure you pick up a copy on stands and check out the new website too http://insidefitnessmag.com/. There is always event coverage, nutrition, training, supplement info and just random cool stuff you need to know to be a ninja or superhero in today’s world (just kidding, sort of but maybe if you apply everything in there and wear a black mask and spandex outfits…it could happen)

P.S. I am currently a certified stealthy ninja so if you don’t pick one up, I will find you and may do unspeakable things to your refrigerator contents…think about that next time you reach in for some snacks woohahahahaha!

P.P.S okay so I am not really a certified stealthy ninja, maybe just certifiable ;p

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