In Support of Mental Health

I was very fortunate over this summer to do many exciting things for and with some incredible people. I will get better at sharing I swear :p While this post is waaaaay overdue, I didn’t forget, it just took time to get a clip. I think one of the most humbling and honorable things I ever experienced happened this past May 3, 2015 in Toronto as I was able to share with at least hundreds of people my passion for fitness and it’s benefit to both mind and body (which I am ALWAYS up for sharing with you too!!!) as the warm up coach at the header-home-logo-walkKids Help Phone Walk So Kids Can Talk. This is an annual (my 3rd or 4th time taking part in some way and will be back for more) event but you can always help support a life-changing, live-saving organization here:

In case you didn’t know the power of fitness, here are some shortened studies (with MANY more) and a few articles to support the legitimacy

and on it goes.

It can be small or simple exercise to something competitive or training specific, but movement of any kind, and organizations like Kid’s Help Phone, can help change your world 🙂

Here is a very small bit of the warm up for an awesome and diverse crowd that were so wooooh 🙂

Thank you again SO much for this opportunity!!! xoxoxoxo !!!

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