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I am not really one to blog about my day to day training, what I put in my face and blah blah blah. To me, that is yawn and 1. you shouldn’t be doing what I am doing regardless because you are not me, don’t have the same goals, history etc. and 2. I don’t need to validate to anyone that I do work every day and have been for well over a decade:p . There, that is my perspective on that and why I don’t do it, at least on MY blog. I just don’t see the benefit to it for anyone and trust me, it is much more exciting to actually SEE me doing it, than to read it on here so IF you can find me…;D   I will be posting more videos and pictures though of some things I am up to ie. what I am up to in a few weeks in New York with Tony at My Competitive Life and his peeps, so stay tuned as well as some other thangs I am at, doing or otherwise. Maybe at some point I will follow what just about every other person who even just works out does (:p) but most likely, no. I will tell you this since I have officially been convinced (just kidding I WANT to) to hit the stage in Ontario again (fyi I DID compete last year, just in the states and it was awesome). I set my sights on the Toronto Pro Super Show but than was told that I have to qualify so, la di da, that is just what I will aim to do prior to. Depending on how things go with those and if all the plans go well, I will be back in Boston again too. Okay so to fall into the omg what is she doing, what is she eating thing to appease those who really give a hooha about that, I will give you this much, I will be drinking water, eating food, taking SOME supplements and my training will consist of some joint locks, takedowns, submissions, blows, lifting weights, jumping, flipping, doing weird things, dancing, meditation, flexibillity and mobility ish and so on. There, pretty spectacular huh 😉 I will cut back on the MMA stuff when I get a bit closer but there is no way in hell I am giving it up, for anything, just have to modify accordingly. This is the plan and am working on it but I swear life if you get in my way…RAWR! 🙂 People keep pushing me or wanting me to do a Crossfit or  Warrior Dash or one of the others (or to fight which yup I still want to but still have no idea how to make it happen :p but my goals with mma in general are different than trying to become a pro fighter so meh) but  every day I train like a beast and those are not places that make me “uncomfortable”. I can show the fuck up and work my ass off and am not really intimidated by that and me competing in those, while yes, rewarding to have accomplished it, don’t TRULY benefit ME (things I have learned and a whole other blog post). Take that however you want to take it, me being arrogant or like I think I’m the shit I don’t care bc you CLEARLY don’t know me at all and therefore are not really in my life and your two cents can go along with the rest of the pennies that have become irrelevant 😉  To be honest, the hardest most uncomfortable thing for me is to hit the stage with those girls (sticks and stones don’t hurt as much, trust me and that is from past,present and I am sure future but I am NOT saying that about anyONE or gender in particular here, just saying ), that is why I do it and keep doing it and will keep doing it. I also spend most of my time being in “play mode” and ghetto’d out and that (and a few other rare times) are my time to get to dress up (I LOVE dressing up and pretty things, just with my own flair and with the shows I guess it is more of a sort of since really I am pretty nekked lol) and feel like a princess and play one of my many characters. Do what you love 😉 Outie like a bellybutton!

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