Telling me I need to give in to submission

I’m switching dials, instead I change the transmission

Last time I will let you control the frequency

Like a cancer your evil grew from benign to malignancy

Time you get pistol whipped now yes, I lost my grip

Your face covered and the blood begins to drip

Now look who’s crawling on their knees begging stop

Turtled up, now who’s the bitch, reality’s about to drop

Turn the camera on and let the stream feed

I’m damaged good but they’ll see it’s my time to lead

Back to your feet now but your stance won’t hold long

You buried it deep but now it’s surfacing strong

The world watching as we battle it out

My voice no longer silent, now I holler and shout

One more blow and your back to the floor

You’ll never hurt another, not ever, no more

They didn’t listen, just turned away because it’s easy

But it’s different now, I don’t need them to free me

Lie on the floor and hear it, feel it, take it in

You are the one who will die for ALL their sins

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