I just got home from my initial assessment with a new young guy who is training to do his first mma fight. He has been doing martial arts and wrestling for some time but needs to step things up if he is going to fight and that ooh la la is what I will (along with his coach…obviously) help him to do. I will say this first and foremost, I am sooo glad he has not been brainwashed by all of the shit out there on how to get ready for a fight so this will make my job a whole lot easier! He is open minded and best of all patient and understanding of how I do things and why. This concept of the garby out there actually prompted this post. Am I claiming to be some guru or someone who has been training fighters for years and knows everything? Well that question warrants a big fat no but what I have learned in the past few years of working with, learning from coaches, fighters, seminars, webinars, books etc. oh and my formal education of course and my own self-experimentation is that it really comes down to even just some basic exercise science, understanding of the sport, creativity (within reason please!) and common sense. Sidenote: the lack of common sense AND any real education or experience part is where I think a lot of the people fall short who have people doing dumb shit. Now don`t get me wrong, I have fallen into some traps even though I really did know better in my head and heart but figured that for some reason because MMA IS such a complex sport that there must be something more complex to the strength and conditioning but I digress and boy have I learned ๐Ÿ˜‰ Being macho or a tough guy is dumb and being exhausted and continually sore and aching and dysfuntional is even worse so stop believing the hype and going to youtube lol except for shizz that rocks like thisย  . This actually sort of ties in with my bootcamp issue. People are hopping in to `mma classes` or bootcamps thinking this is what a fight is like or solely how you get ready for one when all you are really doing is burning out systems and learning bad movement patterns. Let`s not forget that for the most part, except some really well put together classes, you are really just doing an hour or so of high cortisol `cardio` on a continuous basis and possibly setting yourself up for injuries doing all of the plyo work without even a basic level of body awareness or strength. If you are someone who wants to fight, get the legit technique classes and do some real S and C work to build up on your weaknesses instead of just continuing to burn yourself out! Believe me, I get the premise behind why people tout bootcamps so much and yes they are great at certain times and IF you are ready but what ever happened to the NECESSARY stage of adaptation proceeded by the next necessary steps during an overall plan (call them macro microcycles or a peanut butter sandwich I don`t care just follow a plan) when it comes to training of any sort? Build a foundation first. Do what works and not what just looks cool or badass. Be patient and the reward will be that much better I promise you that and never ever stop learning, I know I won`t ๐Ÿ™‚

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