How to Lose Your SUPERpowers

Cheetahs (no not Cheetos) kick ass. Ok so do panthers and pretty much any other creature that can be fast, powerful and agile as ____. Humans also have some incredible capabilities if nurtured. What can quickly make a once, or a hopeful, panther-esque creature quickly lose one’s superpowers, is falling victim to the hype of special powers of superfoods.

There are unequivocally some foods that are pretty super; those ones that really pack a wallop of fiber, micronutrients, antioxidants and phytochemicals. What gets tricky to many is when a food is touted as being a means to an end or some mythical answer to cure all of your woes. There are also foods that can actually help you to legit be more powerful by helping you to build and/or maintain lean and functional muscle while losing performance reducing excess fat. I am about to tell you a little story of a guy and how he fell victim to what many do and how he lost his SUPERpower.

*Really he didn’t have a superpower but this is about ‘superfoods’, ergo the word super, and how not really understanding something can lead you in the opposite direction of where you want to go. Achieving your goal, that is a power. Gaining body fat will make anyone feel sluggish, bleh and unlike a cheetah, panther, Shera or Zeus.*


Mistakes are how we learn

This is a story about a guy who was pretty fed up with how he is getting older and despite playing his sport a few times per week, kept gaining fat. There are a ton of things to address with him when, and if, he is actually ever really ready to make a change. His initial effort, which I will tell you a bit about, is commendable as most do notta.

He was seeing a lot of posts and articles online, in the media and from friends about how quinoa is a superfood. How it can help you lose weight, and let’s not forget that protein rocks and he heard it was a protein food (no, on a macro level it is not to be considered so).

For these reasons, he decided to straight up simply swap his daily hoards of rice for maybe even a little more of the wonderous quinoa. Well to him that would make sense because after all, carbs are evil and quinoa is super. Please note that I am pretty darn fluent in sarcasm but if you want to know if carbs actually are less than stellar for you, I do both in person and remote coaching on how you should be eating for YOU, using genetic testing done by Registered Dieticians and Scientists. Interested? Please email me

He actually ended up gaining weight as his learned thought process was that more of this superfood is good. The truth is, it is a great food but there are actually about 10% more calories per serving and I would most certainly not count quinoa as a protein food.  There is no perfect diet for anyone but there are ways to do great things for you. The genetic testing is a great way to cut through a large part of trial and error but even sticking with the basics of portion control and eating more produce over everything else on your plate, is a great place to start.

Calories count. Macronutrients count. Micronutrients count. Your microbiome counts. Your lifestyle counts. It can be confusing but there are some basics that can get you far and I would love to teach you so you don’t have to make the same mistake he did.


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