>How to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

>There is not one area in life that I can think of where spillage is a good thing.

And this includes belly spillage… you know, the muffin top look when your jeans just don’t fit right anymore.

Okay, you could take the easy but expensive way out and simply buy a bigger size of jeans or some retro high-waisted jeans, but rest assured, the health care costs that typically arise from excess belly fat will cost you MUCH more in the long run (think: metabolic syndrome).

There is no doubt that poor diet, lack of proper core training (exercise in general) and supplementation are the causes of a muffin top. It is also important to understand that the aforementioned is related to your hormones and lifestyle habits in addition to a healthful diet and exercise program.

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Excess belly fat in particular is related to cortisol and insulin. High cortisol levels due to a stressful lifestyle and large insulin releases from meals caused by eating high sugar foods and an unbalanced macronutrient profile is a sure fire way to spillage.

Here are some preventative measures you can take to slim down that muffin top:

•Incorporate yoga and meditation into your weekly schedule, even if it is once per week.
•Say NO. If you are already booked up, don’t over-schedule yourself and be sure to take some time each day just for you.
•Prioritize and focus. Create a list and break down your day into the most important tasks. This will allow you to really see what needs to be done immediately and what can wait. This will give you the time needed to do some sort of relaxing for yourself. Also just focusing on one task at a time instead of ten will help decrease your stress levels.
•Supplement with CLA. Shown to reduce cortisol levels, CLA targets abdominal fat and accelerates lipolysis.
•Eat protein and fiber at every meal. Make your feedings more frequent and keep portions small. Make sure you get your protein from whole sources and your fiber/carbs from veggies, fruits and whole grains. This will help keep blood sugar and insulin in check and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Eating protein actually costs your body energy just to break it down and frequent feedings have also been shown to increase your metabolism. The fiber will also help bind to the bad fats circulating in your blood.
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Exercise is an essential factor in long-term weight and health maintenance. Working your entire body as a unit with multi-planar exercises will help tighten and tone your entire core and will build the lean tissue from head to toe that is needed to boost your resting metabolic rate, which accelerates fat loss.

Perform these two exercises below to work your entire midsection, front, back and sides, in addition to your weight training and cardio work.

Landmine Squat to Press with Rotation (begin this exercise with only the weight of the Olympic Bar)

Holding the end of an Olympic bar with one hand at shoulder level and in a below parallel squat position, press the bar straight up and out while standing up from the squat position, keeping your posture up and pressing from the heels. From here grasp the bar with both hands and rotate the bar in a controlled manner from left to right for 10 repetitions, 5 for each side. Come back to the starting position but with the opposite hand grasping the bar this time. Repeat the press, stand and rotation. This is one repetition. Perform 5 sets followed by 60 seconds rest and repeat 2-3 times.

Medicine Ball Throws to Lunges with Rotation (be sure to find a wall and some space where there is nothing that can get broken and no one who may be at risk of injury)

Stand about 5 feet from a wall. Holding a medicine ball with both hands above your head, throw the ball forcefully to the bottom of the wall so that it bounces up and back at you. Catch the ball, hold it at chest level and lunge backwards with one leg, hold and rotate towards the opposite side. Come to standing, then lunge backwards with the other leg and rotate towards the opposite side. Come back to standing. This is one repetition. Perform 20 followed by 60 seconds rest and repeat 2-3 times.

Following your workouts with some good post-workout nutrition will also help with reducing your muffin top. Taking these basic tips and incorporating them into your nutrition plan will have you fitting back into your low riders in no time.

How to Get Rid of Your Muffin Top

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