How a mom on Mother`s Day moving it moved me

Ahhh what a gorgeous day it finally was here this past Sunday which also happened to be Mother`s Day. So what did I do for mother`s day you ask (okay so even if you didn`t ask I am going to tell you anyways), I kicked a mom`s butt, figuratively of course ;). While I am a very compassionate person, I am by no means a coddler and while I am not a coddler, I WILL make sure you push! Now really SHE is the one who did the work and she worked damn hard. I seriously am SO proud of her in so many ways. She is about 50lbs overweight and is a smoker (one thing at a time but she is getting the desire more and more to quit the more results she sees and the more she is exercising so yeah!) and has been making some great changes nutritionally. Things that she had a hell of a time with before like even walking up and down her stairs, has become an easy task for her (can you say AWESOME!).

Ok so back to yesterday…I find that with beginners to anything exercise related, it is often best to almost `trick` them into getting their activity in so that is just what I did again yesterday and with great success.I decided to invite her out for a nice `walk` because it was such a gorgeous day. Taking newbies out to just play a game, dancing like a maniac with them or at the playground works well too! Little to her knowledge we were about to embark on an hour long trail walk that involved some serious hills 😉 So here is one of the moments that REALLY made me proud; she is on some medications and has a puffer that she carries with her. As with a lot of people, they can rely too much on or use certain things as a crutch and don`t trust or embrace their own bodies capabilities anymore. The first hill that we came to was a very steep one. Half way up she not only wanted to stop as she was panting pretty hard (not dangerously though and it is VITAL to recognize the difference) but she reached for her puffer. I asked her to just trust me and more so herself and her body and got her to push on all the way to the top without the break and she did it without the drugs. Now please be sure to understand that I would NEVER recommend anyone to not take their prescriptions or anything remotely along those lines BUT I do know her fairly well and also do understand and recognize when something such as she was experiencing was either dire or just an unfamiliar uncomfortableness…which it was. She made it to the top on her OWN and for the rest of the hills, she did too 🙂 Want to really know the best part of this `trust` lesson, while she was experiencing some serious EPOC (in a good way which I helped her to understand so she would release more of her fears) SHE actually made a point of saying how much she wanted to do this again:) 🙂 She is a fighter and is learning and re-gaining so much of her confidence back that she once had and I can see she is really started to get the fitness and health `bug`. I am SO proud of you!!!!!!!

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