Her goal is to break people then put them back together – MMA Fighter Courtney Belcher

Courtney and her team, Team Rock Bottom, have been pressing hard for her to get back in the cage  and boy has she been putting in the work! You know this woman is a champ when even though some of her prior fights were cancelled on her, she kept working. This girl knows that even if some chances drop out, there will be others and she has kept going. Her ever-increasing fan base and supporters have been snipping at the heels of other women heavyweight fighters and promoters calling them out to bring this rising star back and it looks like we are finally going to get what we’ve been hoping for. This November 10th Courtney (1-1) will be taking on Jeanette Barkers (3-0) at the Virginia Cage Fighting Championships – Roanoke Rampage.  Courtney has not only been seriously losing some weight to help with her fight game, so much so in fact that people can’t even recognize her from her last fight, but she and her team have been working hard on her weaknesses and have been putting in some serious time on her overall MIXED martial arts skills. Below is a recent interview done with Courtney by Hammered Pain that not only explains the title of this post, but will give you an idea of just how freaking kick ass this amazing woman is 🙂

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