>Healthy Beauty


Okay so I came back to write SOME words…the key thing is HEALTH not a look, not extremes. Hell maybe the really lean girl is just naturally like that and maybe she does workout and eat a healthy diet but by no means should that be the goal of every woman or girl (and ummm I am pretty sure that Marilyn was and always will be one THE sexiest women ever!) We all have such different frames, chemistry, genes and we need to focus on being the healthiest that we can be not just looking a way to be on a magazine, in a movie and so on. Work with what you have been given and live a life of strength and nutritious foods and fuck what society brainwashes you into thinking is acceptable! Yup I struggle with this but I don’t pretend otherwise and use my life experiences and issues to help teach others. Both of these girls are beautiful as long as they are healthy…just my two cents.

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