Liquid Grip – “Gripping” Tale from the Dark Corners of the Gym

>Quite honestly you often may feel that you have to duck and cover if you are in the vicinity while I am training. Clouds of dust in the air, with puddles of slippery wetness and a sort of mud are covering the floors while from somewhere deep in the blinding fog at the corner of the gym, there is a sound of heavy panting and all of a sudden…BOOM! I like to train hard and often have some powerful, quick movements and heavy lifts at high velocities and well, the gloves and wrist wraps just won’t do. My love for using chalk to train instead of gloves stems back a while now due to its insane ability to increase your grip on just about anything, by at least ten-fold over using gloves or wraps, not to mention the higher versatility. You can use this magical white substance for anything from doing gymnastics, to chins, to kettlebell work to deadlifts, cleans, rows and even circuit training or ground work if you tend to have sweaty hands and sometimes nose-dive into the ground while trying to do burpees. This stuff really can improve your training in so many ways but it does come with its setbacks like the “chalk bomb” that often goes off when you dig your hands in the pail not to mention that inhaling this stuff isn’t much fun either. If you have a tendency towards hyperhydrosis like I do, then you will find yourself reapplying several times throughout your training too.
So what exactly is this stuff anyways? The chalk used for training is typically made up of magnesium carbonate and can most often be found in blocks. You most often see this stuff in gymnastics facilities, power or weightlifting gyms, Crossfit gyms and any truly athletic-type training facility or gym will have this stuff stocked up. Chalk is a drying agent that greatly increases your grip by helping to absorb your hands moisture hence the reason it works so well for people who train intensely or even just have sweaty palms. It isn’t perfect though and reapplication is often necessary after one or two sets which can create that cloud or that mud on the floor. This stuff really is amazing and I can guarantee your training intensity will improve but unfortunately, most commercial gyms will not allow it. So how does one go about reaping the benefits of chalk without completing revamping their life and switching their beloved training facility? Well until this past Olympia expo in Vegas, I just didn’t have an answer for you other than suck it up buttercup and change gyms. Now this may seem like a huge product plug and I guess in a way it is, I am just trying to share with you something that changed my training life for the better and saved my ears from endless nagging from the people where I train. I was given a product sample of this stuff in a small tube called Liquid Grip and was pretty excited to get home and try it out. It is only slightly different than the regular chalk out there with a few added ingredients but the results are very different. It starts out as a liquid in your hands and within seconds dries to a chalk consistency but without the mess! It has a greater sweat resistance too and stays on longer. My actually training was the same with this stuff as it was with the chalk BUT the overall intensity was better as I needed less rest time to reapply chalk with much less mess and no inhaled dust. So if you want to maximize your training and can’t stand the mess or are forbidden from using chalk at your gym, I would highly recommend giving this Liquid Grip stuff a try. If you don’t do it for you, do it for the other patrons at your facility.

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