>Great Legs!


Ok so I am asked time and time again about my legs (apparently they’re good lol). The funny thing is is that my legs have always been my “nemesis” as far as body parts go but I guess in the athletic and competitive world, muscles reign…YES! Most people I talk to who have said their legs are their lagging body part train very similarly, they all focus on hack squats, lumberjack squats and leg extensions. Here is the kicker (ooh and kicking requires great force, power and torque in the quads too ;), how I get my legs is by focusing on the POSTERIOR kinetic chain. The posterior kinetic chain is just the fancy word for the muscles that make up what you can’t see in the mirror. These are the muscles that help you lift things and help to propel you forward or up. It is such a huge amount of muscle which equates to, when training this group hard, to more overall muscle mass which, yes, will translate to some delicious quads and hammies ;). Being lean will also affect how your legs look so by incorporating the exercises to focus on this kinetic chain, you will have more muscle which means less body fat! Focus on compound movements and power lifts while training, that is a sure fire way to get you jacked! When you do your cardio training, do just that, CARDIO none of that “fat burn” shit. HIIT it! This type of training will get your lungs bleeding and your heart throbbing out of your chest which is what you should doing. “Condition” yourself! It will also help you to get your legs, strong and tight. The most important thing though will ALWAYS be what you put in your body, so be sure to keep that in check and you will have some wickedly powerful legs in no time!

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