>Good morning Saturday!

>Tomorrow morning me and “Big D” are heading down to Adrenaline Training Centre for the big Fight Planet Event taking place. We are gonna get those peeps hooked on riding the Milky Whey even if it kills me lol 😉 I am pretty excited that I will get the chance to talk to my new training/sparring partners more tomorrow as well about our goals and scheduling since they will both be down there checking it out. I am working on my upcoming training and diet plan for next years fitness/figure competitions, this time around it’s all me…I will do it my way but tips are always welcome LOL. For the next 4 weeks though I will solely just try to stick to doing my circuits and bodyweight work with my Intervals interspersed in their as well. Sparring will substitute for some of my HIIT sessions. I just really believe that if you can’t do the work with your own bodyweight, you shouldn’t yet be doing the typical gym workouts but ok I will also be doing complexes. I am sure some of you know what I mean by this. I need to build my strength back to where it was. It is going to be another long day tomorrow but will be filled with fun. It is Halloween tomorrow and I am stoked for a fun night with my girl Christy or a night of spookiness and creepy shit with my bestie Renee, depends how I feel. Anyhoo, it will be a quick session in the am before hitting up Adrenaline and this is the plan:

30 secs work with 30 secs rest for 6 rounds.
3 mins warmup with high knees and buttkickers while jumping rope

spiderman pushups
mountain climbers
inverted rows
360 degree lunges
plank-ball rollouts

Finish this up with some serious stretching too if I have enough time, my back is still pinchy ;p I am using low glycemic fruits like mmmm Bosch Pears and apples and mixed berries as my carb sources for my meals now instead of any starches. In my opinion, it is soooo much healthier this way! Loving my higher intake of Udo’s too! hmmm maybe I will concoct some weird Xocai, Milky Whey and natural peanut butter melty goodness for my treats tomorrow instead of the kit kats ha ha….Happy Halloween!!!!

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