>Get Your Sexy Back

>Remember that Seinfeld episode where all George wanted in life was to walk into a room with a gorgeous girl in a backless dress? Well, here’s your chance to be that girl.
No, I am not hooking you up with good ol’ Georgie boy, but I am going to hook you up with a workout and some nutrition tips to help you get that sexy back.

Some basic nutrition tips for you to follow no matter your training age:

* Have a serving of lean protein like a 4-6 oz chicken breast at every meal.
* Fill your plate with veggies at every meal. This is unlimited, so eat as many greens and other colorful veggies as you’d like. Make sure to keep high-carb veggies to a minimum though.
* Earn your starchy carbohydrates like rice, potatoes, yams, oatmeal, quinoa, etc by performing a workout or stick to unlimited veggies and limited fruit.
* Drink water not calories. Pure, filtered water – not sweetened beverages or fruit juices loaded with carbs and sugar and other nasty things.
* Supplement with Omega-3 Fish Oils for optimum health.

This workout program is for those who have already been doing some resistance training but want to really shape and define their back:

Warm up with a few sets of inverted rows and bird dogs to wake up the muscles you are about to work on. This workout should be performed 1-2 times per week in addition to your other training.

Perform 3-4 rounds of each tri-set with little to no rest between exercises.
Sexy Back Workout

* Neutral Grip Pulldowns or Chins – 6 reps
* Seated Cable Rows – 12 reps
* Bentover Dumbell Rows – 24 reps

Rest for 2 minutes between each round.

Follow up this workout with some 30-15 intervals on a bike or with your own bodyweight, i.e., 30 seconds hard, 15 seconds rest for a total of 15 minutes.

Get Your Sexy Back

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