>Fun p.m. workout


Tonight I did more dynamic stuff for conditioning as I am feeling more like myself more and more every day which means I can do more explosive activities without getting hurt. I am building myself back up again and working backwards almost…in a positive way. One of my biggest goals right now is to get my flexibility and power back and am finding my treatments with Sarah to be helping a ton with all aspects of my training. My alignment is getting better again and “things” are starting to be more fluid again. She also kind of keeps me in check with the things I know I should be doing but haven’t been. Therapy…hurts so good LOL.

I did a warm up of overhead squats, shoulder “dislocates” and “passthroughs” and 360’s.

I wanted to do some hip flexibilty and sport specific work so incorporated some Parcour QM drills:

circuit-style x 3 approx. 20 mins
high-knee hops
crab walks
alligator walk
leap frogs
spiderman pushups

I than did about 20 mins or so off drills on the bag (clinch, punches, kicks) with sprawls and jump rope interspered. Frick it felt good! I love it b/c while it is a challenge…it feels like playing!!! 😀

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