Free Music and MOVEment 6


I am spending most of my day today working from home and am currently updating my playlist. Home work is great because my breaks can consist of whatever the eff I want such as random outbursts of loud music and flailing myself around the room. Yeah I know right, good times 😉 I just got back in after doing some running around and was chatting it up with this super cool guy.

Why am I telling you this? I tell you this because our conversation consisted of discussing music and movement of all kinds. Ok the majority of the movement we pigeonholed on was in regards to lifting but REAL movement like martial arts/combat sports and dancing came up too. FYI those are four of my favorite things with the 5th being something I plead the 5th on (yup it is totally what you are thinking of womp wommmmp).

Oh geez sorry I still have yet to get to the point of this random post and the title’s correlation to the randomness ramblings at hand. I just wasted your time to lead up to this little gifty-gift for you…this dude hooked me up with a free way to get tunes for when you are doing MOVEment (bowel or orchestral not presumptively included lol). I apologize to the artists out there, I really do and this is not meant to be a form of disrespect for your craft but I like to share things that make me happy to help others be happy too. I have also learned from one Will-I-am that that is not how you make your moolah anyhoo 😉

To get some tunes use this site . You find the jam on youtube, copy the link and paste it in the box. You than convert it, download the mp3 and copy it to your Ipod, android or other device. Magical ain’t it 😉

I can survive without music sure, but I cannot thrive nor truly LIVE without it. Still just doing what I can in terms of my loves (MRI comes soon and will give me some answers. This damn ankle and foot thing is yet to be determined than watch out lol) If you are like me and feel the same way, try this out and get your swerve on my beautiful freaks geeks and weirdos ;D Woooooh to you!

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6 thoughts on “Free Music and MOVEment

  • Jun

    This is a great site. I use it all the time. Couple tips just to add to your post. 1) watch out for the random .exe download. Make sure not to click on it and run it. 2) convert good quality tunes otherwise you’ll be blasting one song just to hear it while the next song will blow your ear drums. Keep up the great posts 😉

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