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There is no longer any doubt that fitting in fitness is a must for all ages and backgrounds. Whether you are someone looking to treat or prevent illness or wanting to improve your performance in and out of the office, there is insurmountable proof that improving your fitness is the way to go. Maybe this is something you already know but either have no idea where to start, or even more common, you have no idea how to fit it in to your already stressful and busy lifestyle. This is where people like me come in to help you.

Almost every block has some sort of gym in it but the really great thing about condo living is that you have the gym right in your home. While there are a ton of really great toys, modalities and pieces of equipment out there, I have learned from working with people just like you, that most condos are outfitted well enough and if on a budget of less than $50-100, you can even add your own additional tools.

I recommend my clients to have a heart rate monitor and music handy and often times that is enough to get some great results. Most condos have some sort of weights like dumbbells, kettlebells or machines and the combination makes for a well-rounded way to get fit in under 30 minutes. I do of course recommend being as active as possible but I also need for you to know that this is enough to make dramatic changes, especially versus doing nothing at all! Be realistic with what your goals are and what you can actually do to fit your lifestyle.

I have found that most people just getting started or back into it, can really benefit from a circuit style workout that involves a format of lower body, upper body, core specific and cardio. Why this format? You need to be able to stress your muscles to a point where there is that burning sensation so-to-speak in order to create a hypertrophy effect (muscle growth for aesthetics and general health). This format will allow you to do so while also helping to strengthen your core and burn calories and help your cardiovascular system.

Moving controlled and at a moderate tempo for the resistance training portions than moving quickly but still controlled through the cardio burst will get a lot done to meet your health and fitness needs. When you couple this with sound eating of a lot of vegetables, healthy fats, complete protein, and a little bit of starchy carbs or fruit, you have done yourself a tremendous service for now and for years to come.

Every body is different and will need different protocols for a warmup, workout and cooldown, but some ideas can be as follows:

Perform each resistance exercise for 8-12 reps with about 30 seconds or so of rest between exercises, the core exercise for 30 seconds and the cardio burst for 1 minute at a heart rate of 75-85% of your heart rate reserve max. Rest as needed to go hard again ie. Your breathing is back to fairly normal and your muscles aren’t burning as much. Each circuit can be done 3-4 times

1a. Kettlebell Deadlift

1b. Horizontal Row

1c. Ball Rollouts

1d. Forward-Reverse-Left-Right Sprints


2a. Reverse Lunges

2b. Alternating Dumbbell Bench Press

2c. Renegade Rows

2d. Cross Jacks and Jumping Jacks


3a. Dumbbell Thrusters

3b. Prone Rows

3c. 3 Point Plank

3d. Jump Rope

The key to fitting in fitness is to keep it simple. We are bombarded with complexities and it can be tempting or maybe even intimidating you from doing anything. I know that for most people, those things do not last as they are not something most busy parents and/ or professionals can maintain. You have a great opportunity if you live in a condo with a gym to get in a quick workout before or after work or when the kids are sleeping. If you don’t have a gym, that is not an issue either if you have a bit of space or a park nearby, but that is an article for another day.

Let’s work together, online or in person if you are in Toronto 🙂 Leave me a message and let’s do this!



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