Fit Girl Problems?


Are you fairly new to training and experiencing some *EGADS* embarrassing fit girl problems? I have this one amazing girl that I just love to get messages from because they are often rather interesting or hilarious. Her last one sparked, no engulfed this post into fruition. In actuality, on numerous occasions I have been asked about or overhead girls questioning, “OMG is this, am I normal” as well as just never wanting to show their faces at the gym again because of certain fit girl problems. Well ladies, I am here to share with you some embarrassing and uncomfortable things, which really should NOT be, that you might experience as you embark on your fitness journey (or even further down the road). Basically, you are not alone and if you actually want to be labeled as normal (whatever that means lol), you totally are no worries 😉

Fit Girl Problem #1: Boobies!

You have spent a few weeks or months now hitting the gym, sports, or outdoors, have been eating better quality foods, and building some fitness and muscle. Woooooh to that! You may have started noticing that your losing some inches and fat and your old clothes are no longer fitting. These things may be what you wanted and expected but unfortunately for many, the loss of fat also comes from your boobs!

breastOur breasts are made up of a fair amount of fat tissue and yup that is often one of the first places the fat goes…boooooo(b) 🙁 This can mean that your bras don’t fit anymore and quite possibly they droop more and don’t have that volume like they used to. This can also partially be due to a slight loss of elasticity in tissue too if you are older and/or if you do a lot of high impact activities without proper support.

Fit Girl Problem #2: Beavers!

We humans have two different types of sweat glands- eccrine and apocrine. Our eccrine glands are where we typically sweat from our neck, back , forehead and for some, palms and soles of feet. Our apocrine glands on the other hand, can cause sweating from areas like our breasts, armpits and genitals. Some of us have one of these glands that are more active than the other, just as some of us have, ahem, more efficient sweat glands. I don’t want to bore you with more details on that stuff but for many girls, we can end up walking around with a trail of sweat between our butt to our front making it look like we peed our pants. For some, we may use a bench and get up leaving, what many grossly call a “snail trail” behind which can make working in with others somewhat awkward or embarrassing. Totally not any of our faults and no need to be embarrassed…seriously. Just wiped down the bench or better yet, bring a towel to sit on just don’t hide from the gym because of this!

Fit Girl Problem #3: And here’s my butt!

Really you can, for the most part, wear whatever you want to the gym as long as you are comfortable but there are some things you may want to consider. If you are actually there to do work, than most likely you will not want to wear super skimpy shorts that aren’t like body paint to the gym. You are putting yourself in a position that your cheeks and even your, here it comes again, beaver, may be exposed when you bend over, sprint, or even during lifts. Now maybe YOU are ok with that but I promise you that the other girls around you probably won’t be and this can set you up for lame-o catty behaviour (ugh seriously get over it) or to be honest, it may just offend others. Keep your hoohah covered and thank me later 😉

Another one to add to this FGP, is that you probably want pants made of material that moves. This can be tights-type of material, spandex, lycra, jogging or dance pants…whaaaatever, just stay away from rigid pants like my old faves the ModRobes. I can attest to this need as you may find yourself in a yoga class about to do a downward dog, or a dance class or bootcamp and R-I-I-I-I-P than hello here’s my butt.

There are so many fit girl problems that you may experience or things you may question as you start your journey. I promise you that if you can just overlook them, stay strong and keep going despite and/or inspite of them, the benefits of better physical and mental health, longevity, confidence (and the list goes on!!!) that you will reap from training, will far surpass the minor glitches.

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