>First workout back from the competition…

>My goal for the next couple of weeks is just to tighten up so I am keeping my rest periods shorter while still maximizing power and strength and conditioning. It is really important when coming off of competing to not get too carried away and if you don’t feel ready take another day off and just as importantly, to scale your workouts accordingly.

My warmup today was bodybar overhead squats and bodybar snatches, farmers walks with a lighter load than typical, high kicks and shoulder/stick dislocates.

The workout was 4 sets with 30-60 secs rest between sets but the only rest between exercises was to switch up the plates.

6-8 reps Bent-over rows
8-10 reps Cleans
6-8 reps Front squats
6-8 reps Push presses
8-10 reps hip thrusts

Tomorrow I resume my combat training and I can’t wait!

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