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I had an awesome discussion last night with Steven J. Wong http://www.youtube.com/user/StevenJWong about his amazing movie project The Striking Truth and we got to talking a bit more in depth which was super cool. He is so passionate about this project, the stars (the Crow and GSP) of the movie and about what he does as well as the sport of mma and the traditional martial arts…. you can even hear it in his voice when he talks.

One of the things that came up was how Georges St. Pierre and David Loiseau really highlight the TRUE apsects of what mixed martial arts is about, or at least all around should be. I remember so many times being asked about my obsession with the sport and why I love training like they do, or at least trying to LOL (the fighting thing I asked about a lot too but that is a whole other post ;p) Both Steven and I seemed to be on the same page about what it is all about and how both the fitness industry and the mma industry just blend so much and really, always have but it was never brought to light so much as it is now.

There is a difference between a fighter and an athlete, just as there is a difference between a physique competitor and a physique athlete. That line right there pretty much sums up my quest to be a part of both worlds and prove that it can be done. What you would consider a fighter would be the characteristics of those that make the sport sort of look bad or brutal or unprofessional in a sense. Those that don’t take it seriously and sure will put in some mma training and fight a brawl but who also don’t take their nutrition, supplementation and well rounded conditioning seriously and don’t think they need to learn anything. It is also those that have that ugly ego and sense of entitlement. In the realm of the fitness industry there is this as well but on a different level as there is no physical contact involved LOL but similar principles do apply (there is a huge difference between confidence and arrogance).

There are those that embrace the fact that they are not only out there to compete or fight but they are role models to others and should conduct themselves accordingly. Some do choose to embrace that and take it seriously and while no one is perfect, there are those that at least make a serious effort to be a positive role model and others who just care about money, fame and well, themselves. Character is often one of the biggest differences between a fighter and simply a competitor and an athlete, aside from the other things I am about to go into.

An athlete is someone who does what they can to be well rounded. They take their skill training, flexibility, strength and conditioning, mental training, nutrition and so on seriously and try to make strides to improve and learn each day and try to improve upon themselves and not cut others down and call out and compete against them. It is about a competition with yourself and about improving upon yourself. This is something that this movie will help to highlight about the world of mma and that not all of those involved are fighters, there are a ton of athletes who regardless of the level they are at, they are humble and good and always keep trying to improve and take their status as a role model seriously. It will show that the sport is not just about hitting people and tapping them out but it is about a SERIOUS level of athleticism.

On both ends of the spectrum it really should be about being a year-round well-rounded functional athlete who incorporates everything from proper nutrition and supplementation, training, flexibility, psychology and spirituality (whatever that means to each individual) and just generally being a good person and role model and if you can’t fulfill your duty, step off the stage or out of the cage!

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