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Time and health – probably two of the most precious things in life and the most taken for granted.

Time is often the biggest excuse for not taking care of our health. But with timed workouts that excuse will no longer cut it. From beginner to advanced, from regular Jane/Joe to athlete, anyone can benefit from timed workouts for reasons beyond what you might be thinking. Just remember that they are a part of an overall program.

While ultimately I recommend that newbies learn the movements and become aware of their bodies and build a strength and endurance base first, there is a place for beginners to reap the benefits of timed workouts. Just make sure you pace yourselves accordingly.

Timed workouts are really more for fat loss or conditioning and you should have an understanding of energy systems or get someone to help you who does. Most neglect two very important things in their training – flexibility and mobility work. With timed workouts, you can easily work this in by sticking with the goal selected from below. Instead of just doing one lift after another, you would perform a mobility exercise either during the rest interval or incorporate it into the timed portion.

There are many ways to do timed workouts.

AMRAP for Time

AMRAP for time means performing as many reps as possible in an allotted amount of time. For example, a full body workout would require you to do as many reps as you can in 30 seconds for each exercise. Each exercise is to be fired out as quickly as possible.

Static Strength Intervals

Static strength intervals means performing isometric holds for say 60 seconds of work at a time followed by 60 seconds rest before repeating.


Yes, this has the same name as the one above, but this one is based on something different. This AMRAP requires that you perform as many rounds as possible over a certain period of time. For example, focusing on a specific rep range goal of say 6-8 reps for relative strength where you would allot maybe 2 minutes to perform – so as many rounds of 6 exercises at 6-8 reps as possible. You would go through one round and continue as many rounds as you can without rest until the total time is up.

These are the most common forms of timed training. There are many to choose to from. These types of workouts have many benefits, such as those listed below, but can also be great markers and tests for you to see how you are progressing with your training.

The Benefits of Timed Workouts

Sport-Specific Muscular Adaptations: You can focus on the necessary muscle adaptions of your sport, such as increasing mitochondrial density for endurance or lactate removal adaptations by setting your timing accordingly.

Fat Loss: Not only can you build some fat-burning lean mass, but you will also get the awesome benefits of exercise post-oxygen consumption from high intensity training. This means a greater overall fat-burning effect even when you are not working out.

Time Savers: These types of workouts incorporate aspects of cardio and strength work and are much more intense than what most people would do, so really you are only spending about 35-45 minutes training a few times per week, as opposed to hours at the gym every day. These workouts help you to stay focused in the gym versus wasting time chatting or lollygagging doing other mindless things.

Great Motivators: Having to race against a timer or clock is a great way to help you push yourself if and when you don’t have a training partner or coach.

Help You Track It: These types of workouts really do require you to monitor and track your workouts for continual progress. This helps develop the important habit for success with training goals and outcomes. If you are not tracking or measuring, how will you know where you are at and where you need to be? Plan your progress and track it!



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