Experiments and Deceptions of Your Worth

Yesterday I felt a little annoyed aka angered by some comments I overheard these girls chatting about. I was at the gym in the change room and actually planned to do a bit more of a workout than I ended up doing at that time but I digress. They were all beautiful and seemed like good people, no catty tone or otherwise picked up on so I award that with the goodness descriptor, so when I heard the crap spewing out of their mouths about themselves, it hurt my heart and fueled the change in direction of my workout. This is what inspired my experiments and deception of your worth post.

I hate it SO much that society is so brainwashed by appearances and superficial crap. That we only matter if we have things and are a certain look or size or blah blah blah. Hey I don’t claim to not be self-conscious but it has not and never will be what breaks me. That is not my kryptonite and nor should it be yours. While I believe, possibly from a place of ignorance and being too “in it” for too long, that North American’s are more in tune with how weight is irrelevant in terms of overall health and superficial (AND subjective) hotness. This is from a place of ignorance and was shown this when these girls were weighing themselves and pinching themselves and ewwww gross-ing themselves. That right there, that’s a problem. One of many.

Ok first of all, unless you are involved in a weight-controlled sport or profession, your actual scale weight means nothing. It is what you are made up of in terms of body composition that should be of focus. Even this is only ONE tiny part of the overall equation. How is your overall health and happiness? That right there, that matters more than even your fat to muscle (body composition) please never forget that. Please never forget that we are all so freaking much more that what we look like. We are dancers, teachers, soldiers, officers, athletes. We can spawn future generations. That is pretty unreal, own the shit outta that it’s pretty incredible! We are all much more than a stupid number.150516092236

But on that note…

I like to measure and track certain things like body composition but this comes from a pretty good place and again, that number does NOT define me. I wanted to test myself on a popular scale used to measure your body fat, muscle, weight, and total body water. I know already how bunk these are but wanted to show those out there who use these that are so accessible, that these too, much like society and even our own perceptions of self, can be skewed and mis-representative.

These devices are called bioimpedence scales and a very basic explanation is that you stand on the metal footprints and it sends currents through you to measure what you are made up of. There are handheld devices like this too but you obviously need a scale for your weight.

Here are a couple of pictures to give you a simple idea of what you should be made up of (everyone is different with different needs and goals but this is an idea):



water bbwater 2 <—— total body water

sprint-workout2bodyfatboth <———- body fat


Now analyze these pictures differenttowel <—–that one is me at 154lbs 5foot8/9 where the scale initially read that I was about 33% body fat. I than re-tested under “athletic” where it read (prior to my going to sweat for 20 minutes) that I was 22% with a total body water of 88.41lbs or 55% water. AFTER my sweating for 20 minutes from a very light workout it read that I was 153lbs 20% bodyfat with total body water of 89.8lbs or 59%. Now I have not at all been tracking or dieting and I didn’t drink as much water as I normally would so these numbers in general kind of suck for ME. The point with this though is that the data didn’t even make sense! I somehow dropped body fat and gained water after my workout?!? While these types of scales will give you a reading of a higher bodyfat % if you are dehydrated, I want you to read the above again and let that soak in. Just so you know, those readings were not legit and one of the reasons you need to take any of these measurements with a grain of salt. I am also not at my leanest sure, but under certain categories and labels, I would be considered overweight or obese. C’mon now :p (It is late and I had a long day so I hope that came out right lol)

Next up are some more skewed depictions and deceptions with my aim again to show you how there are more important things to focus on (unless it is your bread and butter-job!)


I really hope my point came across here that not only can you not rely on media and gadgets to be the sole determinants of your measurements of overall LIFE and livelihood health. Also, even commonly viewed “rules” and guidelines can be skewed and perpetrated in a way that is subjective. Just as Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of all parts.” Own your failures, your successes, your current capabilities and strengths and the areas that are so excitedly open for improvement. Own your OVERALL awesome and forget about some stupid superficial definition of your worth 😉



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