Executive Athlete

The TYPE A personality is the driven, the dedicated, the do-what-it-takes person. This is also the one who often lives in extremes needing to tame their beast to have the balance that is necessary for longevity in all they do. Aside from sports and training athletes that encompass those traits, this is also something I have learned, is shared by many successful business people. The above is what makes up and is who, the “Executive Athlete”.

My goal is to help you become MPowered with the knowledge to achieve a level of success that affects you both in AND out of the gym. I will do this by delivering you time effective programs, tools and guidelines that transfer to all areas of your life while giving you the proverbial punches to help you find and maintain a level of balance. Health and fitness are necessary for living but you do not need to live in the gym to reap kick ass results.

You do not need to sacrifice any aspect of your life to be stronger, fitter, faster, healthier and to prevent a myriad of illnesses. Using that drive you have to put in short intense workouts a few times per week with focused nutrition will help you thrive beyond the levels you ever thought possible.

From working with others and seeing the detriments of being a workaholic in training and/or in work, I have made it my mission to help these types to find their balance and to understand how efficiency and minimizing stress will, in all areas, ensure a better quality of life.

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