>Excuse me Gymboss but I am about to show YOU who’s boss!

>This morning was a bodyweight circuit day with my good old GymBoss. I love this thing! I am trying to incorporate more lateral movements and QM’s even into my circuits as my hip flexibility is pretty bad (which I have stated a million times now ;p). I am not sure if I have more scar tissue or damage or what but my flexibility has never been as poor as it is now even with the therapies and stretching and so on. I also try to incorporate more upper body dynamic and plyo work and drills (this helps with speed/strength and power and I have found it actually helps with my upper body “building” and leaning out too) as well as other sport specific movements. Anyhoo here was my circuit this morning:

My warmup was jumping rope for 4 mins and the intervals were 2:1 for each exercise. The total workout was about 40 minutes.

Deep Jumping Jacks
Inch Worms
Crab Walks
Double Unders (they were interspersed as I am not good enough at them to do them for the WHOLE time alloted yet LOL)
Spiderman Pushups
Walking Bob-n-weaves forward and reverse
Leap Frogs
Lateral Suicides
Forward and reverse lunges
Shadow Boxing
High Knees

YES that is a lot to go through in one circuit but I get bored easily 😀

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