Everything that once was will soon be virtually obsolete

If you think going to the gym will get you leaner, healthier, stronger or happier, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but you have been misinformed. There is surely no surprise in my telling you that everything that once was, will soon be virtually obsolete. Just about everything is going digital, electronic, on to the, and into the virtual world.

Alongside this fact, there hopefully is no surprise in that the possibly one hour you spend in the gym training is only a small fraction of the equation to whatever your aesthetic, health and/or performance goals. What goes into true success in terms of transformations of any kind is far more complex than just one aspect.

In order to live your best life, you need fitness, physical and mental. For this, you need a good and realistic program for your goals. You need help in terms of nutrition, lifestyle coaching, and most importantly, support and empowerment.

“In order to live your best life you need a good and realistic program for your goals with the right support system.”

These factors make up a more holistic approach to your end goals no matter what they are in terms of health and fitness. This is why only having a trainer or coach with you for that hour or so per session a couple of times per week is just not enough. You need the tools, the support, the guidance and the knowledge to make things work for you in your life so it becomes a lifestyle you can sustain.

Let’s face it, sometimes it is a lack of motivation that gets in the way. Sometimes it is scheduling it in with another person’s schedule. Sometimes it’s complete lack of knowledge. Sometimes it is lack of support or accountability. This is where online coaching with me and TotalCoaching come in to help you.

You will have access to your program, videos to help guide you, nutrition tracking, a private messaging system, our own forum and more. You will have access to an experienced coach who truly thrives on helping others to succeed no matter the circumstance.
If you already trained in person with me, another trainer or simply on your own, this is a great way to complement what you are doing. Sometimes a different perspective or person’s input can make a world of difference.
The other great thing about online coaching aside from the things mentioned about is that it can save you short term and long term money. Think of it this way… if you train four days per week with a trainer you could save money and cut it to two and do two on your own with online coaching. You will save a ton on healthcare bills as well as you will have access to two different professionals who will help keep you in line and in check.


With online coaching, it also makes asking tough or uncomfortable questions easier as you don’t have to do it face-to-face. With the TotalCoaching program, you will also have access to “special videos” that you won’t get anywhere else. You will also get to chat with others in the forum to help share your goals, share stories, support one another in a more private setting than some other social media sites.
There are a myriad of benefits to online coaching, especially these days as many live on tighter budgets, are more intrigued by fitness but too nervous to join a gym, or are time constrained and need to do their workouts on their time. Whichever route you choose to take in terms of your current or preventative health and fitness goals (in-person, groups etc), adding online coaching to your regime just may be what takes you to the next level or even gets you started on your journey.
No matter the obstacle you face to getting started or moving you past your sticking point, there is always a way to fit in fitness and online coaching just may be your solution.

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