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>Become strong and empowered with mixed martial arts.

I have noticed over the past few years how much women are finally becoming empowered again and realizing how mental and physical muscle, and overall power and strength define real beauty.

Would you rather be the feeble princess needing to be saved? Or the beautiful warrior princess who tackles things head on, fearlessly succeeding on her own merits?

For those women out there who are just getting into the aspects of mental and physical conditioning involved in a high performance sport program like mixed martial arts training, I welcome you to the first instalment of why you need to “hit” up your training into high gear.

Most women are already familiar with the benefits of the empowering mind-body connections involved with meditation, and the balance and flexibility that comes with yoga and Pilates, but what about the other side of this equation? Yes, these benefits evolve and in reality, are a requirement for success in a sport like mixed martial arts, but everything in life requires balance. On the flip side of this equation is the need to kick your training up a notch. You will find this is so important to maintaining an equilibrium between your life and goals.

Look at your inner workings as an example, like how our body will always try to maintain homeostasis. If you are one of the women who have already been tipping the scale in favor of the aforementioned training style, you should really get involved in mixed martial arts to balance the equation and reap ALL of the benefits, not just some. Mediocrity and weakness should never be ok and with a well-rounded mixed martial arts program, it never will be.

Mixed martial arts training will give you a sense of strength and empowerment you could never imagine until you experience it. For me the mental toughness is the most respected part of the training – without a proper mindset, nothing will be possible in a ring or octagon, on the street or even in the office. To be able to get your body to push past a limit when all it wants to do is quit is a factor of this training. When you reach that level, you feel so strong – like nothing is impossible.

The mental and physical conditioning involved will not only get you lean and healthy (with proper nutrition of course) but the discipline required and skills learned will translate across all aspects of your life. You go from a quitter to someone who never gives up. If you want something in life, you will just go for it. You’ll find tackling that stack of papers on your desk easier, the daily insanity of life becomes more manageable, your sense of emotional control is increased, confidence skyrockets, playing with the kids is exciting and no longer exhausting, and your ability to do things for yourself (instead of always needing others) is a gift that will keep on giving.

Now is the time like no other to get in touch with your beautiful inner warrior. I will be here to help you every step of the way.

Empowering Women Through Mixed Martial Arts

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