>Empire Fitness Kettleboxing and Entrepeneur Weekend

Okay so it has been a week or so since the event but I have been uber busy lately and just got back from a wicked weekend (next post coming). About a month ago I was contacted by Christopher Reed Owner of Empire Fitness in Toronto to be in the hot seat/guest speaker or whatever my purpose was lol and I would just like to say that it was a blast. Christopher is such a hard working and all around inspiring guy with an awesome sense of humour which totally came through in his teachings. The weekend consisted of group of like minded people who share the passion to try to change things in the fitness industry making it more client driven vs money driven. There was a sharing of learned experiences, knowledge, question and answers and the occasional rant interspered which made it fun (it later became known to me that my rants were more than welcome so next time…watch out lol). Chris’ passion to legitametly help people really shows and he is an exceptional speaker. His many years of experience in different facets from fitness to business really made things exciting. I was there for the Saturday but Chris invited me to play at the practical on Sunday so I came and it was a blast. I know that his students must have walked away with some very useful info as I know I learned some cool shit from him too. It is so much fun to share concepts, methodologies and even opinions with others in the health, fitness, S&S etc industry as you really get to learn and get different perspectives on things. That is by far one of THE most important things if you want to help people is to never stop learning!!! This is not meant to be an ego industry nor is it meant to be spend a weekend doing a course and that’s it. Reach out and ask questions, attend seminars, webinars, read, do, meet up and train with others and so on.

If you are in the Toronto area check out Chris and his kettleboxing class at Empire Fitness.

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