>Emergency Foods

>While it is ALWAYS best to plan and prepare your healthy meals to take with you, sometimes sh*t happens. There are times when maybe you got called out of town and you already ate your last prepped meal, or you got called in to work completely out of the blue on the morning that you were to go out and buy some groceries or just don’t have the time now to prepare your food for the day so last minute. This is where what I call emergency foods come in.

Eating on the road or “on the fly” is no longer an excuse for eating trans fatty laden, high fructose corn syrup filled, toxic “foods”. Many cities now have 24hr grocery stores which have pre-washed and prepped veggie/fruit trays, pre-made hard boiled omega 3 eggs, pre-made whole grain chicken,tuna or turkey wraps, not to mention the array of salads and aisles full of nuts. Even some gas stations have gotten on the healthier (emphasis on the -er part of that because pre-made or packaged usual means some form of chemical preservative) options like small portioned out nuts and seeds, pre-made whole grain sandwiches but look for the ones with no sauces on them or don’t grab it, some have fresh fruit, and many have low carb protein shakes (these shakes are still better than hitting up a McDee’s). Low-fat cheese strings are also sometimes a good alternative and go great with the apples you often find at the stations. Avoid the yogurts they often have, they are loaded with sugar and the amount of protein in these is very negligable.

Many fast food joints have also started popping up that offer healthy meals on the go that are prepared fresh and I mean fresh not only in the sense of them making it there and then as you order it, but fresh in the sense that they are fresh ingredients (William’s is one of my favourites that can be found in many cities and pretty good for having to get fast food). At any of these places just be adament about no sauces, dressings and be specific, tell them you have allergies to a ton of things so a fresh green salad with as many veggies as they have, chicken not breaded or cooked in sauces etc. and some lemons on the side as your dressing mmmmm 🙂 It is your food and you are paying for it so don’t be afraid to ask…no demand (in a very nice way though or you may get some extra “secret sauce” in your food ;p)

While I most definitely advocate food over food products first and foremost, sometimes even just having a good protein powder (go for naturally sweetened, like stevia or lo hung guo) handy at home is great for times like these. Sometimes it is easier to find the veggies/fruits or whole grains but not so easy to find a healthy protein source on the road, so grab the tub or a smaller container, the scoop inside and a shaker cup and take that with you. So many protein bars are crap, no that doesn’t even cover what they are, here is a list of some of the ingredients from a high protein low carb bar just to give you an idea of what they really are:

-modified palm kernal and palm oils
-sorbitan tristearate
-guar gum
-propylene glycol
-potassium sorbate
and the list goes on. There are enough sugar alcohols in here to not only give you some serious stomach upset and have you clenching your cheeks and running for the loo’ but the other ingredients are not only foreign invaders in your body but one of these ingredients actually comes from animal hooves!

There are some decent bars out there though that you could stock up on (some at home, in your glove box, drawer at work but not for weeks at a time) and use in these emergencies such as Daryl Bars unless you are celiac or gluten intolerant as they do have wheat but are all natural www.darylshinrg.com , 24-7 NRG Bars http://www.ani.ca/products.html#nrg which are also all natural, organic, preservative free and gluten free, and Quest Bars www.questproteinbars.com but these ones do have a bit of sucralose in them but will last longer and they have no gluten and 15g of fibre in each bar!

These are just SOME of the many options available to you in those emergency situations that won’t have you ruining your goals or more importantly your health!

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