>Earn the Burn (lol what?!?)

>Had someone today try to convince me of some things and while I am open minded and ALWAYS looking to learn,things she was saying just didnt make any sense to me and it prompted this rant…You wanna eat carbs…EARN them by getting off your ass and moving. You wanna do some “cardio” to “burn fat”…EARN it by eating clean and increasing mitochondrial density via resistance training THEN you can do some cardio and increase the activity within mitochondria. FYI, mitochondria is your cells power house, where energy is made up and used up (sort of but for the sake of this blurb we will leave it at that).Wanna work your “guns” or do leg extensions (lol just makes my point)…EARN it by FIRST building your foundation with solid multijoint movements. That is my 9 o’clock rant.I am actually working on an article based on this so I will keep you posted on here when it’s done and out 😉 I have learned a ton over the past couple of years of giving up on myself and just doing what others tell me to do even if it didnt make sense to me or my lifestyle. C’mon Melissa you changed your life all on your own and made a living helping other do the same so wtf!?! :p I wanna punch myself a lot.(Some may take this the wrong way if they read it but those who really know me will know where this is coming from and just get it 😉 I am a bit rusty on a few things now but it is all coming back and the peeps I have been working with are having great progress so yeaaaah:) My passion is back and I am finally regaining my own empowerement back. I am trusting myself again and my journey to help change the world is finally getting back on track.Too much doubt without REAL belief from others can damage you but be strong in your convictions and if u fall, just get back up, look ur meanmuggers with alterior motives or disbelievers in the face then knock em out lol and get back to you! Toodle-OOOOO 😀

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