David Suzuki’s Dirty Dozen

I love David Suzuki. I spent a huge part of my youth at a place called Science North which fell right in line with my ever increasing love of all things science, nature and worldly related. I believe this was where I picked up my first taste of who he was/is and what he was/is about. Whether it was a book, a video, a talk, everything he said just fascinated me and made me want to learn more about any and everything! I have always loved knowing the why’s and how’s and he has never steered me in the wrong direction and is always on top of my favourite things and goal in life, to help change the world :). I recently got a letter in the mail along with my wallet sized Sustainable Shopper’s Guide to a Dirty Dozen Ingredients to Avoid in you Cosmetics and wanted to share it with you. I am so happy that natural is FINALLY becoming a “trend” (one I hope continues!). Geez I remember less than 10 years ago I did my research paper on Naturopathic medicine because that was such a far out thing lol oh how things have changed but still desperately need to. Well this post is mostly for the ladies who use makeup as a heads up to not only pay attention to what you put IN your body, but pay attention to what you put ON your body too. There are an array of nasty chemicals in our makeup and  “beauty” products that are linked to serious health issues like asthma, allergies, hormone disruption,  migraines and more! David Suzuki has put together a list of some of the most common and most disruptive ones to look for and you can download a FREE pdf of this list here: http://www.davidsuzuki.org/publications/reports/2010/whats-inside-that-counts-a-survey-of-toxic-ingredients-in-our-cosmetics/ I won’t lie, it can unfortunately be costly to buy the REAL natural products (read labels because often when it says natural, it really isn’t)  but every little change you make will count and maybe you don’t need all that makeup anyway because I bet you are even more beautiful without it 😉

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