>Dare to Be Different


People often ask me what my goal is or what I want to do with my career. Well that is simple, I want to take over the world LOL jk (that was my Pinky and the Brain reference for the day ;p). Seriously though, my goal is to help “change the game” as to how others are treated or should I say MIStreated. I guess that although I am not being biased, and believe me I am not some feminatzi, but the way that women are treated and viewed in society is still pretty pathetic. I want to show young girls and women that you CAN do and achieve anything that you desire. It takes hard work and discipline, and there truly are no shortcuts to success, but it will be worth it! I want to be a representative of a woman who is strong, intelligent and driven, a woman who is not the cookie cutter female of society and never will be, but will still strive and not just survive. I want to show women that you don’t need to pimp yourself out to get where you want to be. You don’t need to be a flakey and a fake person who would sell their soul. We don’t need to depend and rely on anyone other than ourselves if it comes down to it, know that you will make it through. I am not saying that you shouldn’t ask for help or accept it when offered, but you need to be resilient and capable of picking yourself up without feeling that you have to compromise your integrity just to get by . I want to be a role model to people who have come from nothing and have dreams that seem hopeless, and show them that it IS possible. I want people to know, in relation to health/ fitness and weight(fat) loss, that you can do it. I was on the furthest end of the spectrum that I am on now and believe me, I had and still battle with several setbacks with my health and my weight. I began to conquer that over 8 years ago (quit smoking too after about 6 years) and the BIG secret is…wait for it…hard work and NEVER GIVING UP! Wow there is SOOO much that I want to say but I guess since this is my blog, I can write more later 😉 LOL. I will be a leader on this path and my girls (you know who you are) will be leaders on this path as well.

There have been people who have told me that I don’t even belong in this industry and won’t go anywhere unless I basically change who I am. I say to you, THANK YOU…you have helped light the fire under my ass to prove you wrong. To those of you who have encouraged and helped me thus far, I say THANK YOU and wish that there was some way to show my gratitude. I won’t name names, but I am sure that those I speak of will know who they are. I will write, I will have my own column, I will continue to compete, I will fight for women to fight, I will be seen, I will be heard, I will be very in your face…IF you are in mine. That’s just who I am and I will not apologize for it, and you should never apologize for who you are. As my dad always said, “It takes all kinds to make the world” and this couldn’t be more true. Be who you are on your own terms.
I am off to train, goodnight and xoxoxoxox


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