>Crossfit, W.E.A.P.O.N.-X

>I will be doing my Crossfit certification in a few weeks in Milton and am so excited to finally get to do it! (ACSM on the way too).It will be tough but awesome and I look forward to meeting all the people there and us all learning from eachother. I am starting kre alkylin now too to load up my stores a bit but without the totally un-needed water retention 😉 My power has been down a bit lately too so I know that it is needed (I also don’t eat a ton of red meat so…) and I don’t want to be shown-up too much LOL. I am also pretty excited about auditioning for this new reality series called W.E.A.P.O.N-X. I would LOVE this experience! I have always had this “thing” in me where I love to entertain people in some way and love to push limits or just do things to get a reaction. I have also always wondered if I had what it took to be a competitive athlete but have never had the chance (or follow through ;p)I just need to do something totally for myself and while I know that looks will have something to do with it,unfortunately, I think this battle would be more physical and mental and I believe that if I got through what I got through already…I could do this! I know that I could learn sooo much from the other people there and the instructors too. I Who knows if, but I will at least try. I am finding myself having more and more clarity with some things lately and it is pretty exciting. I just know that I have SOMETHING in me to do something great and worthwhile. Wish me luck!

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