CORE-dination of Movement

I am making a point in certain posts to state that I am coming from a client because nowadays there is such a desire for ooh’s and ahh’s and constant newness and variety in exercises. Truth be told though, REAL people, which are the majority, are still in need of learning some of the basics. I like these reminders for myself so I am also not falling into the trap of ‘entertainment’ and …

This is a NOW old school move sure, and there are a variety of ways to do it, but I feel that all of us should learn to move as athletes in all that we do. Think of yourself this way. Treat yourself this way. They are some of the most well taken care of people and I am sure you deserve that treatment too šŸ˜‰

I also want to point out that I am not a proponent of ‘either or’s’. What I mean by this in this particular context, is that the debate on what the core is and does is not a debate of either or.

There are many great schools of thought on what the core is/does (deeper musculature from TVA, multifidus, QL etc., training fascial lines, superficial muscles…). Learning to implement each aspect according to the goal/need at hand until the level of the ultimate transference of a full-body movement CORE-dinationĀ (central stiffness and/or control with movement about the thoracic area and shoulders/hips, transfer of force blah blah not the place for that here now ;-)) is how it should be approached from my viewpoint.

Again, so many great schools of thought from research and experience to learn and integrate from. This is another topic of deep conversation…

Below is an example of how I am teaching one of my clients to move more athletically while getting in one version of ‘core’ work. I often like to ‘keep these real’ because that is often how it comes in real life ;p






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