The pieces finally crumbled

You again were made so humbled

The face you put out there, no one would know your troubled

Nothing left to lose, now your vision’s doubled

One foot in front of the other, no room left to fumble

Your birthright came from scars, now your blood boils and bubbles

The built up fortress you fought for, they helped reduce it to rubble

Back to that place you left behind and the shit you came from

Lit the fire, reminded of your mission to be more than just “someone”

Your guiding light now looks down on you, keeping you holding strong

Knowing your purpose, your goal, but yet, where do you belong

Now nothing left to lose, no room for fear creating resistance

Everything you need is within you, own it and do it with persistance

They can take, take some more but your spirit is yours alone

Too strong to fold, this game you’ll win, in the end their minds will be blown

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