>Complex workout- Barbell

>This workout is great for conditioning, you work your aerobic and anaerobic systems while increasing flexibilty and integrity of the joints, increasing overall strength and explosive power…oh and it will get you mean and lean! A workout complex is sort of like a circuit but wayyy more wicked! The barbell should never really touch the ground, there is NO rest between each exercise and do about 6 reps.

1.high pull
2. hang clean
3.clean & press
4.bent over row supinated grip
5.romanian deadlift

Do this in succession 2-3 times to start and work your way to 4-5. Take about a 90 secs rest between each set. Make sure that you know how to properly perform each exercise, I can’t stress that enough!!! Hire someone if you need to just get them to show you good form and….enjoy 😉

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