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I have been very fortunate to learn a lot from several people all over the place in the various disciplines of the martial arts/combat sports, nutrition and strength and conditioning realms. Some I have posted on my blog previously and others, oh my, there are so many and I’m sorry if I haven’t said thank you on here yet! Always know I am grateful for the teachings please and am always trying to learn more 🙂 The most recent spot I hit was with the team at My Competitive Life and Chris Cardona from Bellmore Kickboxing and MMA . I won’t give you the whole run down of what went down because well, I like to keep people guessing and wondering lol, but here is a video of just some of what we were up to and that fancy footwork at the begining of the video is part of what I learned from the awesome coaches at UGOT and teach through UGOTfitness. It was a priority for me to learn that particular move as it was some Irish thing lol. I am always looking to learn and teach so hit me up 😀 Okay so here is some of what we were doing:

Please note that I am a bit slower, weaker and stiffer in this video than I would ever have anyone actually training to compete be as I have been lifting for a different goal than fight performance although keeping up with my sport specifics. As with all things, what I do is not necessarily what YOU or anyone else should do, remember that and also remember that there is a time and place for prioritizing various modalities, goals and such 🙂

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