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>Miss T’ Reality

A dedicated fitness professional, Melissa Traynor understands the needs of her client and adapts her program accordingly.

Realistic goal seating really helps when you don’t know what you could potentially do. I wasn’t to sure about having a home trainer but after working with Miss T for the summer I realized how much information I was missing. Between school and other activities I found that my energy levels hand increased drastically and I was able to fit more things into my day.
Along with her credentials and how-to knowledge she has a gift for keeping exercise interesting with a good variety. It is an enjoying workout and I am always satisfied afterward.
Melissa has guided me to understand that a little hard work is necessary if you want to accomplish goals. Melissa has also reminded me that starting at your capability level, but learning to go beyond initial condition is also very important. She is not afraid of giving you a little push when you need it, which helped me considerably.
I would recommend Melissa Traynor to anyone who wants to improve their health and wellness through training, exercise and nutrition.

Rino Bindi

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