Choose Your Battle


It’s difficult to understand what you’ve never lived

Doesn’t make excuses for the negativity that you give

Instead of opening up wide only your mouth

Open up your mind, your heart and let the love come out

Might be a challenge to see and feel what you’ve never felt

Doesn’t mean it’s okay to push or try to change someone’s self

A different world or place some don’t live, but survive from

And your blinders shade you from the beauty they offer, making you numb

So it takes effort to not hear, but listen what are sounds you’ve never heard

Doesn’t mean there’s not music being made even if silence is your preferred

It’s strenuous work to look and live outside your narrow scope

But the real gifts in life come from hard work, no joke

It’s not easy to find compassion in things misconstrued, misunderstood

Doesn’t mean ignorance’s the answer, or change can’t be part of your livelihood

Choose the battle that is really worth the fight

Create a world of more darkness or help bring forth the light

Each of us has the power to make change, start a positive revolution

Let’s end the hate, the wars, the negative pollution.

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