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It’s MY Choice, And MY Choice Is MY Most Powerful Tool Today!

The choices we make dictate the lives we will live. Choice in fact is our most powerful tool that each one of us holds in the palms of our hands right this very moment. We can make a choice to move towards our goal, or we can make a choice to move away from our goal. It is that simple.

Perhaps you are reading this right now and saying, life in reality is difficult Renee. Mylife has been difficult Renee. My life often feels impossible Renee, and though I have desperately hoped for it to change, I have succumbed to this is my life and it is not going to change; that I am not meant to have a life that feels light, as my heart has only known heaviness based on the things that have happened in my life. My life has not been simple.

Yes, life is difficult, but it does not have to remain to be difficult. I know difficult intimately and I have personally been in bed with every painful dark emotion at some point in my life based on the events that have happened from a very young girl, to choices I made as a developing girl to a developing woman, that were far from good or great, and ones that wrestle within my soul. However my very green eyes today are indeed staring into yours, and they are serious knowing first hand that your life does not have to remain to be painful; in fact we can take each of those reasons that has built difficult in our lives, and has built pain in our souls, and we can build a very different life; a life that is smiling, giddy at times, loving people, loving your profession, loving your body, where your are loving your life as it is full of opportunities that make you thrive. The absolute truth is that the things of old that currently have an hold on you, no longer have to define you, but rather when we activate choice, we use these moments and events to refine you; the refining life is a life that is exceptional, in your profession, in your relationships; ultimately when we set your life up as best as it can be, then you are feeling exceptional in every breathe of you, even in the moments in life that are more ebbing than flowing.

It comes down to choice, and it is that simple. The beautiful word choice. Choice is such a strong word. Choice is a word that can’t be debated. Choice is a word where there is no fine print and there is not ‘compliant box’, or ‘suggestion for improvement box’; in fact the word choice is just that! The word choice is for those whom are complaining in any part of their lives; choice is indeed the only word for those of us whom needs to improve our lives. Choice is a kind word, it is a strong word, it is a word of hope; and it is a word that is the great equalizer no matter who we are right now, we can choose a better today! To create this amazing feeling we certainly place goals within our day to day, that are time released within weeks, to months and sometimes years; however all goals, no matter who we are and no matter what that goal may be for anyone of us, it always comes down to choice, the choice to become in our lives, and the choice to give to self in the deepest most fulfilling substantial way; the silver lining in achieving any goal, is that ‘amazing feeling’ daily in the doing!

The ultimate goal for each one of us is to be happy, to be joyous, to be thriving, or a any word that fits best for ‘you’ as you wish deep within you to live daily. ‘The secret of growing intentionally is doing it every day. The secret of your success is determined by your daily agenda. The secret of my success is determined by my daily plan’. Either getting better or worst, forward or backwards, making me or breaking me, either I am repairing or preparing; and if I am going to do what I need to do, and if I am going to be what I need to be, the secret is being intentional every day’ – John Maxell. If you feel dissonance in your life, know that all our lives can be changed; your life can INDEED be changed! One essential tool is needed! Grab your choice, and use your choice tool to daily ‘choose what you want most in life, over what you want most in the moment’. Humbly RenĂ©e, your friend whom wants you to choose your most powerful tool, for you empowering life that is powered with a very bright light within for all to see, and for you to feel.


BTW the awesome girl is Renee Willis and here is her blog :

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